Latest Updated 6 February 2024. Life has been quite busy lately and we had a very enjoyable and busy Christmas and new year. And on that note a happy, healthy and prosperous new year to all my visitors here. Check my latest images where I shall be uploading photos on a regular basis.

My model photography galleries are with a bit of a twist this month and focus on the theme of "anonymity" This is a style I shoot quite often as I think that there is always a bit of mystery if the identity of the model is somehow hidden from view by either masks or veils. I also find my models also like to be photographed this way as it lets them be more risqué with their poses and makes them feel "in command" of the overall final image.

Hello, and welcome to the world as I see it through the lens of my camera ! Here I am displayed a selection of over 100,000 photographs that I have taken over the past 40 years or so. Click on the "Gallery" tab in the top menu bar to view 11 different galleries which each display 12-15 images which will be changed often.

The galleries are: 1 "Latest images". The clue is in the title. 2 "Mono", various themes in Black and White. 3 "Portrait", some posed some candid. 4 "Around the World", Scenes from my travels. 5 "Beauty in Black and White", female art nudes. 6 "Beauty in Colour" female art nudes. 7 "Creativity/Surrealism", images where I am trying to be a bit arty. 8 "Action, sport and movement", just as it says on the tin. 9 "Faces that tell a story", generally candid street photography. 10 "Spain", scenes from my adopted country. 11 "Daily life", candid street photography.

I hope that you enjoy my work, and that I do in fact give you some pleasure and provoke both thought and comment. Come back often.

Please note that some photo galleries contain images of nudity. While I understand that the genre of fine art nude images is not to everyone’s taste, it is an art form that has been appreciated in painting form since the days of Picasso, Botticelli, Goya, Monet and Matisse, and more recently in photographs by the likes of Joyce Tenneson, Annie Leibovitz and Helmut Newton, and while the world we live in is full of natural beauty in landscapes, flora and fauna, and also man made objects, the beauty of woman is unique. Each and every woman looks different in shape, size and colour, yet there is not one that does not offer something of appeal to us all.

If for any reason nudity does offend you then please do not proceed past this point and exit the site.

Comments welcome, my ego needs feeding and now and again my mind needs some help to expand !

Hope that you enjoy.